Women’s Jordan 3, “Neapolitan”| Fun sneaker release

Jordan 3 Neapolitan

I have had the opportunity to attend some fun women’s only sneaker events this year. Sunday was no exception. Sole Play Atl, with Sole Play Her coordinating the event for the Women’s release of the Air Jordan 3, “Neapolitan”-“High Tops and High Tea, invite only sneaker release was definitely an event I am glad I attended. But let’s back track a little. If you know me; one of my favorite silhouettes are the ’88 Black Cement 3’s. I was able to get a pair when they released in 2018. So anytime a 3 drops I am looking at it like “I need you”. LOL! Laugh at my craziness.

Sole Play Her was decorated in an afternoon high tea setting; with vintage tea pots and teacups. Also, the tables were decorated beautifully; cakes, pastries and sandwiches were also on the tables. For our introduction, it explained to us where tea originated and the proper way to prepare and sip tea. I also learned that the person sitting to the right of you is considered your special guest and is highly honored. Interesting information.

Our host, Ms. Tiona Deniece; had a question and answer session where we could participate in topics around what we would like to see more of in the women’s community? That’s always a loaded question that I need to think about. There’s still so much to do. But other questions; such as, have you ever camped out for sneakers? And some other fun games.

After our tea and pastries, we were able to mingle and hang out with other women that have a dope love for sneakers and building a sneaker community and culture that focuses on women. Next, we were able to purchase our Jordan 3’s-Neopolitan stress free bypass using the SNKRS app. We all agreed that events like this for women should happen more often.

Women's Jordan 3  Neapolitan
Sole Play Her High Tops & High Tea Sneaker Event

The Women’s Jordan 3 -Neapolitan is really a beautiful sneaker. I hope all ladies that wanted this in their collection were able to cop! Until next time…Peace, Love and All my Sneakervision!

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