Dopest Women’s Sneaker Pick-Up’s 2021

Women's Jordan 14 Low

I have been wanting to do my favorite sneaker’s women’s pick up post series for a while. Well, I am going to make the time to focus on the dopest Women’s Pick-Up’s for 2021. In 2021, I was able to get my hands on the most coveted women’s sneaker drops. Raffles, friends, invitations to the right places seemed to be in my favor. 2021 was a playground for women in the sneaker culture. My choices; I am sharing are in no particular order. I hope you enjoy!

If you know me, I love Jordan’s 1-13, 14’s are ok. But they are not my favorite’s. My sneaker collection does not have 17’s, 18’s, 36’s-I don’t know how high the count reaches. That’s just not my thing. However; there are a few sneakers I will bend for, if they are women’s sneakers.

First, I will start with the Jordan Women’s 14 Retro Low, Shocking Pink. I am not necessarily a fan of 14’s but these spoke to me and I knew I had to have these in my collection. PLUS it was a women’s sneaker. The shape of Jordan 14’s remind me of a Ferrari. They look sleek, smooth and like they should be able to move like a bullet through the atmosphere.

Jordan 14 Low-Shocking Pink-For Women.

What are your thought’s? Was this sneaker a must have addition to your collection?

These won’t be long posts; just something I want to do for fun. Until next time-Peace, Love and I wish you ONLY Sneakervision.

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