Inspirational Atlanta Dream Capsule designed by Jasmine Baker

Picture of Stay Dreamin and Georgia Peach

When you think of Atlanta, Ga…what comes to mind? Atlanta has been home to me since the age of 2 and I won’t reveal my age. LOL. When I think Atlanta, I think hot summer days, riding bikes with my friends, running though the sprinkler, the Atlanta Hawks, the Braves and the Falcons. I think of my father taking me to the Atlanta Zoo, Fernbank and Six Flags, hanging out at Underground and sneaking to Walter’s to cop my first pair of sneakers I bought with my OWN money. Those are FOND memories. Take me back. But now I have some NEW memories. I have had so much fun attending the Atlanta Dream games. It’s dope to have a WNBA team in my home town. It was also super cool seeing Jasmine Baker, was releasing an Atlanta Dream clothing capsule at the Social Status Atl, I had to be there. The Atlanta Dream, Stay Dreamin A Capsule designed by Jasmine Baker!! I definitely had to support. I had a chance to ask Jasmine her inspiration around the capsule Stay Dreamin.

“As I thought about the theme of the collaboration, the women of Atlanta came to mind. Although most people tend to think about the entertainers, so much political history is associated with these women. The robust city makes it the soul of the South that continue to dream. These women consistently show up for me, this my thank you to them.”

Jasmine Baker

Jasmine’s Capsule consisted of Athletic shorts with Atl on the front and a silhouette of the city skyline. Socks with Atl printed on them. And a dope hoodie with a peach on the shoulder, All the Georgia area codes on the sleeves-of course 404 was the first area code listed, as it should be. LOL. If you are from Atlanta, you know? And an A on the hood part. I copped all 3 pieces of the capsule. It means that much to me.

Atlanta Dream, Stay Dreamin Capsule

The Atlanta Dream made a BIG political statement this year. It’s nice to have Jasmine make a DOPE statement about them in her Stay Dreamin capsule If you would like to cop check this out Atlanta Dream, Stay Dreamin.

Give Jasmine a follow she is doing big things and one to watch. Her IG name is WeGotGame2.

Peace, Love and all I have is Sneakervisi0n.

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