Aleali May 14’s | Fortune, Jordan Brand

Aleali May Jordan 14 Fortune

So, I’ve read that Jordan 14’s are often the forgotten sneaker. I will admit…14’s hurt my feet. But sneakers are like children, you would do ALMOST anything for them. Wish Atl held a very special event, highlighting how cultures blend together, remembering and incorporating the authentic traditions of a family that has multi-cultural backgrounds. If you visit the Wish Atl instagram page and story you can read all about it there.

This will be Aleali May’s 5th collab with Jordanbrand. Really nice for a women to have that piece of the sneaker design game. What really intrigued me about the sneaker, is that she dedicated this sneaker to her mom and grandmother. For ME! That’s the most beautifulest thing in the world in my Craig Mack voice. I was very close to my mother and my grandmother. So I get it. It’s amazing Aleali May can honor the women she loves and give them their SNEAKERS while they are still here. The suede on the sneaker is like a taupe, I would say it feels extra luxurious. The Green emerald and gold colors on the sneaker are beautiful. This Drop is DEEP for me. I am hoping in the future I can post more about my personal journey in the sneaker world.

I did not attend the event; however, I entered the Wish ATL raffle for the Aleali May 14’s and won; for pick up this past Monday. I could barely sleep Sunday night. LOL. Also there are pieces from the collab you could pick to purchase. Shorts from the Fortune Collection, Tshirts, a crew shirt, cropped tank and Biker shorts. I needed a medium t-shirt, they only had Small and X-Small. Maybe I can catch the Tshirt tomorrow on the SNKRS app.

But for now, respect the beautiful view and the sneakers. Peace, All MY love and ONLY Sneakervision.

See below for some pictures of my Aleali May Jordan 14 Fortune sneakers.

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