Painting with a Twist | Sole Play Her, Jordan 1 Seafoam

Painting Jordan 1 Seafoam

Sneakers are SO hard to cop now. I don’t know if everyone is a hypebeast OR they truly LOVE sneakers. It’s not my job to figure that out. Lately, Raffles have been my only saving grace. Local Atlanta Raffles and online raffles…I’ve hit on some pretty dope sneakers that way. I copped the Union 4’s via a raffle.

Sole Play, located in Duluth, GA has done it again and come through for the ladies. They have even branched out and started an Instagram page called Sole Play Her. On that page; Sole Play Her, they had information about entering the raffle for the women’s Jordan 1 Seafoam. Each lady that wanted to attend this exclusive event, had to register through Event Brite with their name and sneaker size. This guarantees each participant access to pick up the sneaker on release day. It’s a Jordan 1, so we know this is a hard to get sneaker. This event was held at a place called Painting with a Twist. Located in Lawrenceville, GA. Painting with a twist is a sip and paint location. So we had wine, snacks and the dopest part was that our muse was a Jordan 1 Sneaker, already sketched out on our canvas ready to paint. We painted the sneaker to look like the Jordan 1 Seafoam (but you could paint it any color you wanted). I am in no way an artist or painter, but this has to be one of the most creative events I have attended in a long time. And It was fun and relaxing. I could see myself going to other paint and sips for a night out.

Check out a few pictures of my painting. It’s a MASTERPIECE and I will be hanging it in the Sneaker Closet. LOL.

Painting with a Twist Jordan 1 Seafoam

Major Shout out to Sole Play and Sole Play Her…very cool event AND I get to pick up a Sneaker I want on release day. I can’t wait to get my sneaker in hand.

Until Next time, Peace, Love and All my Sneakervision!

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