YUMS Steps Back Into the Streetwear Industry & Relaunches Brand with Flavor-Inspired Sneakers

Hi Tex, A pleasure to meet you, My name is Kenya, I am creator, founder and writer of the blog/brand Sneakervision.

I know you are an amazing street artist and designer; how did you come to make street art your passion? Tell us more about what inspired your brand YUMS?

Tex-Well first off, thank you for those very kind words! I’ve always found happiness in art and creating. From an earlier age, my mother (Joan Moton) who was an incredible talent, told me I would draw and doodle on literally everything! Art always brought me joy, so one of the main things I wanted to be able to give people through YUMS was a bit of that pure, child-like joy and excitement.

You started YUMS in 2007-Who would you say would be most likely to rock your pieces? Skaters, Artists, Sneakerheads? Also please tell us what pieces do you have dropping, the date and how can we cop?

Tex-I would say statement makers would be the YUMS target audience. We see ourselves as an aid or added platform to simply enhance creative expression! As far as the lifestyles you mentioned, I come from all those personally…I’m a lifelong artist, grew up in the street skating culture, and I love and relate with sneakerheads on a deep monetary level! As far as our initial drop, you can head over to YumsLife.com because the kitchen is open! This first release includes the staple Sugars & Cupcakes, and introduces the Rainbow Sherbet and Mixed Berry Tarts! We also have some big surprises coming in the near future!

Also, just for fun; what are your FAVORITE Pieces from the Collection?

Tex-Good question! Before answering I feel the need to explain a deep love of mine that I pour into each flavor we release. That is my love for tasty foods and snacks! That’s a huge part of the fusion YUMS represents….fashion, art, iconic snacks, treats, and delicious entrees! Having this much fun just makes me hungry!! 

What do you feel stands out YUMS? What will make it different from other brands?

Tex- I’ve just seen the excitement YUMS brings people. It’s so many levels of discovery to each flavor! From opening the box, to reading the COA card, removing the tray liner, getting to the final stage of the unwrapping….our branded tissue paper! That’s when the real fun starts! Bold colors, and rich materials help set the table for the flavor unveil that awaits in our signature transparent sole with my hand drawn art. That’s the icing on the cake! It’s really a whole experience.

Where do you see YUMS in 5 years-what will that look like?

Tex-In 5 years, I predict we will be deep into our vision of bringing the world more joy and happiness, one flavor at a time! 

I am excited for your collection to drop. From what I have seen everything looks amazing. I love the fly colors and the wide leg pants/jeans. I will have to cop some pieces. 

Wishing you all the BEST and I can’t wait for the world to see your new work!

See photos below of pieces from Tex Moton’s new YUMS Collection.

YUMS Newest Collection

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