Sunday Funday, Rich History and Slim and Husky’s Pizza

Atlanta Civil Rights Museum

I am smiling as I write this. Sneakers and blogging soothes my soul. Ok…enough to the sappy stuff. Let’s get to what really made me happy this weekend.

Pre-COVID…Sunday was MY DAY to hang out, rock my kicks and try new restaurants. Of course, with the slow down of the world, it’s been harder to get out as we normally would. Slowly but surely we will make our way back. However; I am taking as many precautions as I can to lead a normal healthy life and get back out and enjoy my city.

On Instagram earlier this month; I noticed that Porsche, was gifting FREE entrance for anyone that wanted to attend, access to the National Center for Civil and Human Rights Center in Atlanta, Georgia. I have been but it’s been a while. Being immersed in the RICH History of Atlanta and the Civil Rights movement always is surreal. This Museum is definitely a must visit if you are a local or visitor. It was also dope having my girl Tiona_Deniece (follow her on IG), singer and sneaker lover like myself with me. She rocked her Air Max 90 Green Camo’s and I broke out my Johnny Kilroy’s. Dope link up today. Peep some pictures from our trip below.

After the museum we sat outside for a little while trying to figure out what we wanted to eat. I have never been to Slim and Husky’s Pizza, Tiona said it’s delicious, I said let’s go. You have two sizes to choose from, I picked the Slim. I didn’t think I was that hungry, but I ended up eating my whole veggie pizza. Very delicious and I am glad she recommended.

Thankful for this Sunday Funday…Wishing you the BEST for the week to come.

Peace, Love and ONLY Sneakervision!

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