SneakerVision’s Weekend Wrap Up!

Nike Jordan 1 Women's NC to CHI

So….I haven’t blogged in a minute. Just logging in made me smile a little. I can’t really pin point what has been going on with me, but I know it wasn’t a good feeling. I was in a bad slump. So much social injustice, unrest…a best girlfriends mom passing from cancer. Reminded me so much of my own Mother…it just wasn’t a good feeling. But…from the encouragement of many, I’ve decided to get back to what I find relaxing, fun and makes my soul calm. Blogging.

I had a really good weekend. Georgia is “open” [COVID-19] as far as restaurants and shopping. However, you are required to wear a mask, when entering the restaurant, walking around and leaving. I visited one of my favorite spots in Avondale today for breakfast…Rising Son. I always get the chicken and waffles with scrambled eggs and cheese. I can only eat half, it’s a lot!

Then I decided to venture to a few Ross locations. Can I tell you!!! If you are sleeping on Ross! Wake up!! Ross has the dopest finds. I’m probably only going to go for Nike wear…it’s what I like. But if you like, Under Armour, Adidas, Fila, Champion…Ross is your go to spot. I almost copped a few Adidas finds and I still might…people are always asking, how do you find this stuff? PATIENCE and Many, many look throughs. There are times where I have looked through racks 3 times. It’s not just a run in and cop…it’s a ok…let me go through every single rack and article to see what I can find. But it’s enjoyable for me.

Also, if you haven’t peeped my Steals and Deals piece on Made for the W. Please check me out here. I plan to share so many outfits from Ross…your high and low go to’s.

My sneakers of choice this weekend were my Women’s Jordan 1’s Unc to Chi. J1’s are already super comfortable and give off a classic feel.

I feel like blogging has given my soul life. I am ready to continue my passion. Sneakers, Dope Deals, and good eats. I am ready. I am committed.

Peace, Love and all I have is Sneakervision!

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