Where do we go from here?

Black Lives Matter

I know my blog posts are typically about Sneakers, Food and what I do on the weekends, but right now the world is in an outrage and uproar and I 100% support it. I do NOT support looting, rioting and tearing down small businesses. Not cool at all. But the frustration is understood.

Black History Month Nike Sneakers, Jordan 2

I grew up here in DECATUR Georgia (15 minutes from Atlanta). I have experienced so much racism, from Confederate Flags being brought and paraded around a Christian school to a close friend calling another friend, a N-Lover because she liked black guys, I experienced this in the 9th grade.

My Grandmother lived to be 100 years old (Rest 2015)-she lived and died in Wilmington, NC. She has told me horror stories of things she had to endure. Of how she wanted to HATE but she didn’t. Well, this generation cannot be patient or wait anymore And I cannot blame them. But please run to your nearest voting precinct like you ran to Lenox. Organize demonstrations. Have townhall meetings. I just feel like right now the WORLD has our attention. Where do we go from here?

I am a BLACK WOMAN! I feel your pain.

Peace, Love and nothing but Sneakervision!!

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