The Last Dance Gave me LIFE!

Vintage Magazines

2020 has been a strange year. So many losses, no sports, no WNBA games to attend. We knew the last dance was coming, but we thought it would be later in the year. If you follow Marcus Jordan on Twitter, Michael’s son, he kept posting that ESPN was going to release the tapes early. I was geeked!! I felt a little bit better with LIFE! LOL.

I am not going to debate about who is the GOAT. You can make your own decision. Everyone has a different GOAT from their era. I grew up watching Michael Jordan play on Sunday’s after my homework was done, typically a double pleader. The Last Dance was a MUST watch for me. I couldn’t miss (unless I accidentally fell asleep on an episode).

I am an all things Jordan fan. I had the life sized MJ , I had the WINGS poster-can’t find any of that stuff now. But I still have a bunch of magazines, old newspapers clippings and my scrapbook FULL of Michael Jordan and old NBA treasures. So the Last Dance was icing on the cake. Many things I didn’t know. I knew Michael was a competitor, but not to that level. His will to WIN was undefeated. And if you watched the documentary-“if you don’t want to play that way, then don’t play that way… [chokes up] Break-Michael Jordan. He pushed his team, the Chicago Bulls to WIN-at all cost. Was he the nicest? No, but I am still a fan.

Every Sunday viewer’s were getting “geared” up to watch the Last Dance. I thought it was so dope see my fellow instagramers with their posts dedicated to the Last Dance. See a few of my posts below. Follow me on Instagram to see more pictures. on Instagram my handle is

The Last Dance Photos
The Last Dance

It’s crazy that I was just trying to take a dope shot of my sneakers and magazines and Nike reached out to me about appearing on SNKRS App. I was like this isn’t real and I studied their IG page for a while, but I was like #YESNIKE, use my photo. LOL. There were also some very, very instrumental ladies that helped me accomplish this. I asked them if I could shout them out, they said no, this is your moment. For this feature I am beyond grateful. See below. Also, you can check out Nike SNKRS App…Kickcheck 5.8 to see my DOPE photo.

Nike SNKRS App

What are we going to do with ourselves on Sunday nights? I will really miss picking out Sneakers and outfits for the Last Dance. Maybe I will keep picking out outfits and sneakers anyway. Why not?

As always, nothing but PEACE, LOVE and always SNEAKERVISION!

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