SneakerVision; But not a Sneaker Post…

Black Lives Matter Beltline

Today was an absolutely beautiful and amazing day in Atlanta. I have been really sad and bitter about George Floyd, Breonna Taylor…the list goes on. And it brings me back to Trayvon Martin…who was 17 years old. Any time I think of Trayvon, the emotions run DEEP! Sheesh!

Trayvon Martin. Black Lives Matter

The Beltline near Ponce City Market has Black Lives Matter painted across a major space. I couldn’t pass up going to witness the MOVEMENT. Yes, it’s major emotional. But also historical, raw and beautiful.

Atlanta Georgia. Beltline …

I even met one artist, painting free hand…oil paint and he wanted to be sure it was not a depiction of Aunt Jemima. I appreciated her sensitivity on Black issues…and this artist still wanted to be positive and create.

Atlanta Beltline Black Lives Matter
Atlanta Beltline Artist

I am beyond PROUD of THIS generation and the strides and the progress being made. Confederate Flags, and Statues coming down, boycotting places that honor the confederate flag. It’s an amazing feeling with NON Black people have your back. Sometimes I feel like, I cannot fight anymore…I need your help. I’m exhausted. And I have had some DOPE friends stand up and be heard. For that! There is no thank you. It’s ALL love and appreciation, from my heart.

Sneakers and Margaritas!

Peace, Love and ON!Y Sneakervision!

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