Sneakervision’s Weekend Wrap Up…

Finally got some action this weekend, get your mind out of the gutter not like that. LOL!

I had an amazing 5 mile walk at Stone Mountain. Saturday was beautiful, chilly but beautiful. There is a certain place on back side of the mountain where I once in a while see a pretty doe and I saw her this weekend.

Picture of a doe or deer
Doe grazing Stone Mountain

After my walk I was starving. There is a place in Atlanta Called Mr. Everything. The original location is off MLK and it takes over an hour for your order to get ready and it’s just not convenient for me. Well, I noticed that Mr. Everything has a new location in Decatur. YAY!!! So I placed my order for pick up, I love the Rice and Famous grilled chicken. It has, mushrooms, onions, broccoli, spinach, grilled chicken topped with cheese and tomatoes with Mr. Everything special seasonings. Sooooooo delicious. I will definitely go back to Mr. Everything. Link here to see menu

Famous Rice and Chicken

Now!!! Can we talk about the Last Dance!!! I grew up watching Michael Jordan play basketball. I know every era has their GOAT. For me, he IS THE GOAT. I still have old old Sports Illustrateds, my old scrapbook and newspaper clippings from that time. And for me, looking at my old TREASURES just does not get old.

Michael Jordan NBA Basketball
Michael Jordan

From the time I heard ESPN was going to release the Last Dance I have been excited!!! And then to release it early? Ahhhhhhhhh. Last night was surreal to me. It was dope to watch old footage and relive past moments. Last night, ESPN debuted episode 1 and 2. Of course, we knew a lot of things that happened, but not so many intimidate details. Michael Jordan even said himself, he was hesitant about releasing the tapes, he might be viewed as not a nice person…well…LOL. That’s a personal choice. I was glued to the TV the whole time. Finally we have some thing NEW to watch. I can’t wait for next Sunday. Oh check our my outfit. My jersey was at the Nike outlet, retail $70, I got for $35.00 at the Nike outlet.

Last Dance
Sneakers, Nike, Jordan
I had to get my fit together for the Last Dance

I hope your weekend was a good one, despite social distancing and trying to stay safe during the pandemic. I can’t wait for next Sunday. At least we have something dope to look forward to on the weekends. Honestly, ESPN could have dropped all the episodes, I would have stayed up and watched. LOL!

I hope this week brings you, peace, love and ONLY Sneakervision!

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