SneakerVision’s Weekend Wrap Up…

Jordan 11 Win Like 82

Well the last few weekends the WORLD has been practicing social distancing. I’m ok during the week; but on the weekends, I am missing my cousins and Aunt dearly. I can’t wait to be a normal family again and hang out with them on the weekends.

For those that don’t know, I don’t enjoy cooking but I have had to. Today, I made a home made Grits Stack, with creamy grits, a scrambled egg, topped with cheese and MorningStar Veggie Sausage and Black Pepper…so very delicious. Hot Coffee to complete my breakfast.

Creamy Grits Stack, cheese and veggie sausage
Kenya’s Homemade Grits Stack

Sunday I needed to get out and take some shots of sneakers. I decided to drop in my favorite burger place, The Grindhouse. Now, they are encouraging patrons to order via their app, since there is no dining in. They will also do carry away alcohol. Pretty cool!
My little city of Decatur was like a ghost town. I was able to sit down in the park and eat…I was almost alone. I got my favorite Impossible Burger, loaded with cheese, lettuce, mayo, mustard and Barbecue sauce. Absolutely Delicious! For my drink I got the Mexico City Ice Pick…was good. Had a spicy taste.

Grindhouse Decatur. Downtown Decatur…

My sneakers of choice this Sunday were my Jordan 11’s Win Like 82. And some really dope Stance Socks that say STAY INSPIRED.

Jordan 11 Win Like 82

I am always so optimistic. I try not to let things I cannot control get in my way of positive thinking. I am really excited to see what is coming on the other side of this Pandemic. Our world will not be the same. Places that we know and love, will be different. Is that good or bad. I don’t know. We just have to keep going and see what awaits us.

Wishing you nothing, but Peace, Love and ONLY Sneakervision!

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