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My weekends are always BUSY. And I love it. I had family in town, we had a pretty big family reunion; it was nice to see family and friends, and eat delicious food.

However, one of the events that was a highlight for my Weekend was attending and EYBL Tournament. One of my best friends daughter plays for Central Florida EYBL. EYBL stands for Elite Youth Basketball League. A very competitive league, where there are coaches sitting courtside. Nike sponsors the Senior EYBL players.

Central Florida Elite won both of their games. The first game went into OT. 2nd game, Central Florida blew it out by at least 40 points. Way to go Central Florida!! I am not listing the ladies names since they are minors. I tried to take as many pictures as I could from the side too. I mainly want you to see their sneakers. LOL!


I copped the Nike N 110 D/MS/X about a week ago. Ok, I have no idea what all those abbreviations stand for, BUT these joints are mad comfy and get tons of attention. I think around 5 people stopped me today and asked about this sneaker. The Nike N 110’s are not sold out on Nike. Check them out on Feet!

Nike N 110 D/MS/X

Wishing you the best week to come. I have EYBL ball this week. Thankful for a FULL week.

Shout out to the Coaches from Nike Elite Team Hubbard for being so gracious and letting me sit on the floor.

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!

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