Sneakervision| Sunday Funday

I really wasn’t planning on attending the Atlanta Dream game vs. the Sparks, this Sunday…but I after I hit the gym, had my Waffle House fix and took a nap. I was like, why not?

Dirty South, Waffle House…

When the Atlanta Dream, run out from the tunnel, that view for me, never gets old. It’s always exciting. I typically eat after or before the game, but today I left a little early so I could eat lunch at State Farm Arena. I had the Chicken tenders and fries, with a mixed slushy. It was actually really good food! I was surprised!!

I thought the Atlanta Dream were going to pull out a win today. They were sooooo close. They even pushed it to over time. The crowd was super excited. This is one of the MOST exciting games I have seen. But no such luck. And my Dream NEED to win. The final score was 71 Dream 76 Sparks. Awesome game for all of the ladies.

Atlanta Dream vs. The LA Sparks. Great Game!!

My weekend Rotation, went from Tailwinds, to the Green Colorway of the Nike Undercover’s to the latest J1’s…what did you rock this weekend?

Wishing you the BEST week to come!!

Peace, Love and I hope all you have is Sneakervision!!!

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