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This week I felt like a basketball mom, and I don’t even have kids. Lots of games. Young ladies competing, with coaches watching; it was really a great experience, FOR ME. These girls played hard, they didn’t quit, they kept going. I have to say I am super proud of my best friend’s daughter. She got a really dope shout out on Twitter and she doesn’t even want to play WNBA ball, she wants to go to Stanford to be a doctor. I am pretty sure she will play college ball.

Zora Fray Chinn

It seems like the WNBA All Star Game has us ALL on a high. The weekend in Vegas looked completely fun! Snoop Dog, Kobe Bryant, And his daughter Gia. Teyanna Taylor half time performance! AND all of the WNBA BALLERS that played. Seems like everyone had a dope weekend. I salute you!!! I couldn’t get beyond this post without mentioning Erica Wheeler, the Undrafted, Underrated MVP. She got her shine ON this weekend. You can read her story here In her words, NEVER GIVE UP!

Erica Wheeler. * photo does not belong to me

My sneakers this weekend…I dug DEEP in the archives and if you don’t know these Huaraches…smh!

Sunday I was all about my Air Max 270s…super light and comfy. Oh and I would go down a size in these or wear a really thick sock. I had a late lunch at Tin Drum…and I am not sure if I will go back. My dish was super salty. I couldn’t even finish it. I had the Singapore Curry Chow Men…they give you tons of food. Maybe next time I will try a different dish.

I’m on a super high from EWeezy’s performance. I am also excited to see what next week will bring. I am working on my sneaker closet, picking out paint, artwork, Drop front boxes, clear or black?

Wishing you the best week to come. Peace, Love and always Sneakervision.

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