4th of July is ALWAYS fun| Atlanta’s 50th Peachtree Road Race

For me, Since 2004, the 4th of July has Always been about completing the Peachtree Road Race. If you are from Atlanta, you already know this is one of the biggest races in the south. Attracting over 50k runners. This year was the 50th annual Peachtree Road Race. The Atlanta Track Club opened it up to 60,000 runners. You are selected via lottery, and yes I got in. If you know the weather in the south, it’s hot, muggy, humid and feels thick outside during the summer. So to run or like me, walk. LOL! For 6.2 miles in the heat and humidity is crazy. But the thing is…to say you were able to get THEE most coveted T Shirt.. From my count, I have 11.* Fun fact, I never keep/kept my t-shirts. I gave them to Mom. She would get stopped when she was out shopping and asked if she ran the Peachtree, she would say no, my daughter gave me hers. They would be in shock that I gave the “coveted” T-shirt away. LOL. Anything for Mom* . With this year being the 50th Annual Peachtree Road Race, the T-shirt design was all white. Red, white and blue, with pins. Which represents how we pin our bibs numbers to our T-shirts every year. Was a lot of fun, people watching and glad I got my T-shirt.

2004 and 2019 Peachtree Road Race T-shirts

The day would not be complete without good food. And you know me, I workout, BUT I eat. LOL! I wanted to check out this place called City Barbecue, located in Downtown Decatur, Ga (one of my favorite spots). I was starving!!! I got the Jacked Mac and Cheese. Which was Mac and Cheese with 5 different cheeses and I got the smoked chicken breast with BBQ Sauce. Everything was delicious!!! I will Be Back. Sorry, I had to take a bite before the picture. Link here for City Barbecue. https://www.citybbq.com/

I hope your 4th of July is filled with tons of memories, good food and binge watching Stranger Things!!

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!

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