Liz Cambage came through Drippin, they STILL hatin! WNBA Chronicles…

When our NBA guys pull up in Gucci, LV, Fendi, PE Kicks, Kicks that are not Dropping for months, that’s super DOPE!! We salute it, we repost it, we applaud them. When Lebron James showed up in his shorts set and man bag, yeah, we made fun of him, BUT I don’t think anyone ever questioned how he could afford the shorts set and man bag. According to my sources his whole fit was $46,000.

Lebron James whole ensemble a whopping $46,000

Now that we are paying more attention to the WNBA players and what fits they are Rockin pre-game, there are already haters. Last night pre game, LV Aces player Liz Cambage, rocked an ALL Louis Vuitton outfit from head to toe. Liz looked comfy, relaxed, super stylish and I WANT that LV waist bag she has on, with her LV slides and LV Pajamas . She came through DRIPPIN 💧💧💧.

Liz Cambage in LV Pregame. Picture doesn’t belong to me.

The haters on IG had something to say. Yes, I was comment creeping. I love the way Liz claps back and it’s always classy, sassy and educational. Again, I’m not here to debate the WNBA pay scale. I’m hoping soon that will change. But for ANY athlete to have to push their body to a professional level of playing, 365 days a year…it’s not fair. See what Liz replied back to the hater below…

I don’t think Liz asked this person to pay for her outfit and the comment from the person certainly wasn’t needed. I hope Liz continues to show up Rockin whatever she likes!! Just my rant for the day! Now, I’m off to find out the price the LV Waist bag. I need!!

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!

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