You can call them Susan. Missing Link…Nike X Laika

Nike, as usual; has been consistent ALL 2019 with their crazy dope sneaker drops, general releases and exclusive releases.  The excitement and anticipation was NO different with the Air Max 1 Missing Link, Call me Susan.  Yes, sneakerheads LOVE their Jordan’s; BUT a staple in any sneakerheads stash are Air Max 1’s, 95’s 98’s, or whatever Air Max’s are favorites in your vault.. A true sneakerhead just loves dope sneaker and Has to cop all the heat!!!!

The Air Max 1 Missing Link collaboration was driven from the movie; Missing Link-an animated movie. The detailing of the box and the sneaker, are outfitted in the same suit Mr. Link is rocking in the film. I honestly have not seen the film and didn’t cop them for the movie. I just thought they were all heat and copped!

The details on the Missing Links are what make this sneaker so dope and a MUST have in any Sneakerheads closet. What intrigues me most about the Missing Link…You can call me Susan, are the double row of basketballs near the upper “ear” of the Air Max. The tiny basketballs are a dope addition to the uniqueness of the sneaker BUT they also remind me of little eyes-LOL.  Little eyes watching me rock DOPE sneakers. I also LOVE the gum bottoms on these babies. For me gum bottoms always make a sneaker look better. What about the cork insoles? I almost for got the tongue tag-Air MAX  is  crossed out and Susan is printed. LOL!! The textures and crazy details are what MAKE this sneaker a MUST have.

The different textures are also super amazing on the Missing Links. I love that one Swoosh is red and the other is a cream-colored swoosh. I am loving the marigold plaid pattern on the on the back and upper corners of the Missing Links. The Missing Links remind me of a sneaker you could actually rock to a golf game.  (However, no spikes on the bottom). Or you can just rock the Missing Links…call me Susan, with  a cute jean dress. Dress them up or down.

I definitely think the Missing Links…You can call them Susan;  is a must have. You cannot go wrong with an Air Max. The detailing is crazy dope. My favorite parts being the basketball “eyes” and the crazy dope different colored swoosh mixes. On top of that, an Air Max 1 is an all-time favorite sneaker. Who doesn’t love an Air Max? The majority of my old  Air Max’s are beaters.

Would you consider the Missing Link…Call me Susan, a pick-up for you closet?  Check out my Pictures through out the post. Drop a picture of your DOPEST shot of your Missing Links…I can’t wait to see your heat!!

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!

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