Women in Sports Leadership…not just about Inclusion but Exposure.

What do you get when you put a Sports Guru, WNBA Player  and a Community Leader all on a panel? A dope event. This I had the opportunity to attend a really cool event at The National Center for Civil and Human Rights, here in Atlanta; directed towards women in the sports community. Not just WNBA BUT any sport. Melani Carter As moderator ; with Andrea Parker and Renee Montgomery as panelist. All fitting since it’s Womens history month.

The first 30 minutes, visitors were able to look around at the Women/Sports exhibit. I took some really cool pictures, see below.

My biggest take Away was from Renee Montgomery, now a member of the Atlanta Dream. She stated that, and I might not have this exactly right…but, a lot of people watch women’s sports, with the intentions of women being a spectacle. BUT after they watch it and see how competitive women’s sports can be, spectators end up liking it, really cheering the ladies on. It’s all about Exposure.

Crazy dope event. When it was over I told Melani how much I enjoyed it…she said I need to do a sneaker panel next…I’m ALL In!!

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!!


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