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Sneakervision’s Weekend Wrap Up!!

Oh man, what a weekend!! A good weekend. I went Sneaker Shopping all over Atlanta and I caught-up with a very close friend I don’t get to see very often. Do you have a friend; you don’t talk to them for months at a time; but when you finally catch up you can’t stop talking and you’re having a ball!! (Kind of the Same Analogy for Sneakers sometimes. LOL).

Saturday Morning I decided to get out and do some Sneaker shopping. I went to the Nike Outlet in Duluth, GA. It was ok. I did end up getting a cool Nike T-shirt and the AirMax 1 Premium Olive. I was pretty excited about that. I was also trying to cop the Air Max Tinker 3’s AND the J1 Phantom’s. When I checked the Nike SNKRS app at 10Am., all sold out.  So, I said let me shoot over to SOLEPLAYATL and see what they have. Well, they had the J1’s in a Men’s Size 8, so I copped. Then on my home,  I decided to stop at Northlake Mall, I ran in Footlocker for a minute, they had the Tinkers.  I got a pair…although not in my Size-but they did have them.  I really never do pick ups in person,  it was kinda fun.  I LOVE The 1’s. I know the larger sizes are sitting on Nike. But they look and feel really nice.

Saturday Afternoon, I hung out with one my friends from Highschool. We have known each other since the 10th grade. What is crazy about us is that we don’t talk for months and then when we do talk, we cannot stop talking. We are even thinking of doing a podcast SIPZandKICKZ. I already bought the domain, so don’t try it. BUT Stay tuned. We had a ton of snacks, wine, podcast talk and catching up. She even had a crazy polaroid camera. Was such a fun day. I can tell her anything-No Judgement passed. Check out our snacks and polaroids. LOL!!

Over the weekend, I rocked my bright yellow Air Max Light 2-I have the crazy colorful ones on the day. These sneakers remind me of mom (her favorite color was yellow), AND the Air Max Light are crazy comfy. I will say this weekend was a GOOD weekend.

Who’s ready to conquer the week? I am. We don’t have a choice-let’s be GREAT!!

Peace, Love and TONS of Sneakervision!

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