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Sneakervisions weekend Wrap-Up…A Ma Maniere, Pick Ups and Blazers

What’s New Sneaker Lover’s? I haven’t blogged in a while…with good reason. My dear mother lost her battle with cancer on February 26th…I had to take some time to away and get my head straight. This has been a major blow for my family BUT we Love Mom and we have to move forward with her always in our hearts.

I had a really good weekend. Hanging with my cousin. I was seeing on Instagram where,  A Ma Maniere off Marietta Street in Atlanta was having an EXCLUSIVE release of the Jordan 720 Proto Max-Atlanta Nights. Also, they released the Air Max 90 Mars Landing. So my cousin and I decided to do a camp out so we could cop these sneakers. Well we were NOT prepared. The sneakers dropped when the store opened at 11AM, we pulled up at 7AM. We didn’t have chairs to sit in or blankets; and it was super cold,  so we took turns going to sit in the car to warm up. LOL!! Next time we will know what to expect.

When it was our turn to go in A Ma Maniere to purchase the Exclusive Jordan 720’s…we learned that there had been a party at the A Ma Maniere studio last night and a few of the sneakers were sold then. (Keep in mind only 230 pairs of these exclusive sneakers were made, numbered and released, at the Atlanta location). I am a size 8 in men’s sneakers. The smallest size they had were a size 10…hummmmmmm???? Where did ALL the sneakers go?  I copped, but I am reselling on StockX. I wasn’t too happy about that. I was able to get the Nike Air Max, Mars Landing in a men’s size 8. Check out my pictures of the sneakers and pictures I copped below. We still had a FUN time even though we stood in the COLD forever, almost witnessed a fight and our sizes were gone.

See my LUCKY Charms…who copped the Old School Blazers? I did, the Green checked ones. They are my lucky charms. Super Comfy.

I have a pretty busy week ahead. BUT I am happy to be back in my element of blogging and posting.

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!!


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