Hot Sneaker Drops for 11/10/2018

In the world of Sneaker Land, Saturday’s are like Christmas for a Sneaker Head. The drop time used to be 8AM, now it’s 10AM, and you have your Nike  SNKRS app, or app of choice ready to cop the Sneakers you have been eyeing for over a month. Saturday’s…drop days, are always fun, sometimes disappointing if you catch the L. We are keeping our Fingers crossed that we will all get what we want, no L’s.

So I just picked, what I thought are the top 3 drops for the weekend. If you want to add anything via the comments please feel free. We are amongst friends on Sneakervision.

Ok so for my first top pick and must get for the weekend. For the ladies only, the Fire Red Jordan IVs. I actually renamed these Hot Lava. These bright red IVs, with some black on them and the gum bottoms, were a must have for me. Also the toe box rubs off to reveal an additional pattern.  I wanted!!!! And the Nike Sneakers App was GOOD to me. I got them Early. I will share with you when I have in Hand.



My second hot drop for the weekend are the SB Dunk Low Bro. SB’s are a dope Sneaker. Especially these, which show off a lot of the design silhouettes from Nicky Diamonds and Diamond Supply Company. These Black SB’s will have a Croc material feel, with a silver swoosh that is Velcro with a Tiffany Box Colored Swoosh Underneath. I definitely expect these babies to sell out.

Last but but not least; now I am hearing lots of Jokes about these, but I think the Jordan III Chlorophyll look pretty dope. But I hear everyone should be able to cop a pair.

What are are you planning to pick up tomorrow?

Good luck with your cops, no drops and no L’s.

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!


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