Jordan Brand Focus Group X Sole Play Atl

SolePlay Atl, a really cool sneaker boutique in Duluth , GA, had a super dope event today.  This store has been hiding in plain sight. It’s crazy that I have never noticed this store. The Women’s division of Jordan Brand, met with ten Female SneakerHeads from Atlanta, because we are so dope and so fly. LOL!

We got to see Samples of Jordan Brand Sneakers for ladies, lots of samples. We got to hear what WNBA players the women’s division might be targeting and it was nice being around other women that truly appreciate sneakers. We all have different tastes in Sneakers. All the ladies liked different elements of the sample sneakers, but that’s what makes this journey even better. More important, it was so cool to be able to voice our opinions about what we liked, disliked and we thought Jordan Brand could improve on with future sneaker releases.

One of the things I learned today, I pretty much knew it. Most women are not willing to pay over retail for sneakers, most women wear a smaller sneaker, so your grade school sizes and stories connect women most; with a particular sneaker.

Super cool focus group. I cannot wait to participate in more panels.  Monday Funday!

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!!

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