Womens Air Jordan IV, Fire Red

Ok, this name is completely boring, BUT the sneaker is NOT. Nike could have have come up with a way better name for such a HOT sneaker. I mean, call them Hot Lava, Hot NRG, or even Hot Mama, let’s get creative with the names.  Other than Fire Red. But moving on…

I am super hyped that Nike created these Sneakers for the ladies. I am super concerned that more men, than women will cop the Women’s Air Jordan IV, Fire Red’s. What I have noticed, is that if it is  Woman’s release is men are trying to cop too. Before, my fellas go in on me, listen; yes, women buy men’s sneakers, because, they look dope, they sometimes fit (not always). Some of my ladies have to go down into the boys size, and we KNOW those are not the same, like quality and kind. But that’s not my point. Please guys, let the ladies ENJOY this sneaker. AND I need to cop.

I NEED this sneaker. I am calling it Hot Lava!! Fellas, help the ladies cop, assist with the assist. Cop them for her. PLEASE. This sneaker is SOOOO dope, all red, traces of black, with the gum bottom. Oh man. I am certainly trying to cop these. But what is even more dope with these,you can rub off the toe box for an additional layer and reveal a pattern. I really want to see these in hand. I think the laces need to be changed…not sure what color. I will decide that  after I get them home.

Lot’s of dope sneakers dropping next Saturday. The Nike Women’s HOT LAVA is just one pair. They will retail for $190.00. Ladies, are you copping or dropping?

Peace, love and lots of Sneakervision!!

Pictures belong to Nike.

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