Sneakervision’s Weekend Wrap Up X Movies X Sneakers

Long weeks call for short fun weekends. Weekends are ALWAYS too short. Same with this one.

This weekend was pretty low key. Have you seen the Movie Nobody’s Fool yet? We went to see it Saturday night for Date Night. It was an OK movie. I will have to give it a C.  I wasn’t  super enthused about seeing Nobody’s Fool, but I am always a good sport. Plus any time I get to spend with my DATE is always cool.  He thought the movie was super funny. He gives it an A. And there was plenty of laughter in the theater . It wasn’t a terrible movie, just not super funny to me. Kinda of a predictable, comedic love story; of course with Tiffany Haddish being her  typical funny self. I won’t give it away, but Chris Rock makes a crazy appearance. LOL!

I rocked my Nike AF 2 Orange Supreme, WORLD Famous SB’s. I never see anyone with these Sneakers on I love them. They are crazy bright Orange. And I have the crazy bright yellow ones too!! If you want to cop a pair check here. Nike SB Supreme

After the movie, we went to our ever favorite Hudson Grille. My Raspberry Lemon Drop Martini was extra PRETTY wasn’t it?

Sunday was just a chill day. I ran errands in my Jordan 4, Retro Thunder. These bad babies dropped in 2012. They are still in good shape too!! Maybe you can cop a pair here, check out this link. Jordan 4 Thunder.

I have a pretty exciting day tomorrow. I will reveal more AFTER the fact. And I have an interview I am trying to nail down this week (my weeks are always so busy).

Wishing you the BEST week ever.

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!

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