Women love Sports too!

When I heard Arthur Blank , the Atlanta Falcons, ESPN, USA Sports  are behind and supporting Gwinnett County High School Girls Flag Football, I was hyped. I was like wow, how dope. Beyond Amazing. I know girls/women  who would love to play football. And now these girls get to play. I also get that women in sports are not celebrated like men. Earlier in the week, my significant other sent me this article from the Link Here Bleacher Report.

Really good article; one of the things that Stands out to me, is Adam Silver, NBA Commissioner, says that there is just not enough support or visibility for the WNBA. This makes me sad. Is this because we brush women in sports off as 2nd class? I mean, look at Serena Williams, one of the greatest athletes in the world, she argues with an Umpire and shes highly criticized. The Lakers and The Rockets get into a fist fight and it’s funny. Just seems like there are some double standards to me.

I understand it takes “man” power, money and time to tweet, run a scoreboard etc…but the Ladies in Gwinnett County Deserve recognition. This is the FIRST time in  Georgia history a Ladies Flag Football League has been formed. I think it’s hella dope. I commend these ladies. It would be nice, to see a score board or highlight star players from each team. Showing women that they matter builds confidence, leadership and teambuilding qualities.

If I have to write a post on this once a week, I will. I am committed to giving these ladies the coverage they deserve. It’s DOPE, It’s Sports and It’s women.

If you follow me on twitter, you will see that I am asking for a Twitter handle for the ladies who play Flag Football. I will  keep asking.

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!!


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