Do women want Vogue High Fashion Jordan’s? X Sneakervision

When I first saw the Vogue Anna Wintour Jordan 3, I thought it was a pretty Sneaker. Of course, a Jordan OG 3, OG Colorway is a beautiful Sneaker. The Silhouette is dope and of Course Michael Jordan played ball in the original colorway, White 3’s and Black 3’s (88-89). But nothing about the AWOK Sneaker moved me to want to make a purchase. I keep asking myself; is it because a creative who know’s nothing about the sneaker industry is behind it? I can’t truly relate to Anna Wintour. Has she ever rocked a Pair of OG or Retro’s Jordan’s in her life? I just can’t picture her rockin them. What Sneaker history can Anna Teach me about sneakers, because I am down to LEARN. I know we have some other dope ladies that were behind this sneaker too.  I am not rocking LV, Chanel, and looking at Vogue magazines all day long. For me, that’s not reality. The mesh looking material and sparkly mix just did nothing for me. Maybe I need to see the Sneaker in person. That sometimes helps. However, this AWOK Jordan 3, could end up being a sneaker in 2 years, I regret copping.

If you are a female who copped drop me a line below and let me know what excited you about purchasing the AWOK Jordan 3. I would love to hear your opinion.

Just my take on the AWOK Jordan 3’s.


Peace, Love and Sneakervision!!

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