Lebron James X Strongest X Women X Nike

WOW!! What a time to be a woman in the Sports, Sneaker, Boardroom, Fashion,  almost every industry. Have we, as women, ever seen a time where we have been heard and recognized and valued as now. I know our voice is something we have BEEN asking for, but it seems like now; women, we are TAKING our power to a whole new level and men are helping us, as they should have been doing this whole time.

It’s insanely dope how the Me too Movement, pushed rape culture to the forefront-those women needed to be heard. It’s insanely dope how the WNBA has given us one of our most exciting season’s. We have D. Wade offering to Pay Ty Young’s Sneaker fine for wearing, unofficial Sneakers. We have Atlanta Hawks Players buying 300 tickets for young girls to get a glimpse of their hero’s playing WNBA ball. What a time to be alive.

We have Nike and other companies, trying to open the path for women’s Sneakers to look dope. Some are hit or miss, but it’s an effort.

Lebron James Strongest Campaign, is amazingly DOPE. And Salutes some of  most beautiful and talented Women of Color in the game. I am here for it. Lebron will drop a Nike Lebron 16 Sneaker on 09/07/2018. This sneaker was designed by women. Click link to get a glimpse of the women that worked on this Sneakers Campaign Nike Women.

Thank you Lebron, for using your platform to promote education, speaking your mind, opening doors, giving back and saluting women, ESPECIALLY women of color.

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Peace, love and Sneakervision!

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