US Open 2018 Naomi Osaka, Tennis Champion

Naomi Osaka, young tennis champ, who beat Serena Williams; she deserves to be recognized. Even if the circumstances weren’t perfect, she still won. Serena had tough day on the tennis court today. 3 penalties and emotional out bursts would not out weigh the fight Naomi had in her today. Would Serena have won if she had not had the set backs and the umpire  that seemed to have a personal vendetta against her? Probably so and we will never know for sure.

I want to Salute Naomi, for her fight, her perseverance and her humbleness on the court. Instead of this being a celebration for her, it was bittersweet. She’s 20 years old and she won against her idol under uncomfortable circumstances. Naomi, baby girl, life is not always comfortable; you played your heart out. You deserve to be happy in this moment. You worked for it. You did it. Whatever it takes!!!

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!

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