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Sole Play Atlanta Sneakers

Sole Play Atl is a local Sneaker and apparel boutique located in Duluth, Ga, maybe 30 minutes from the city of Atlanta. Sole Play has the latest releases and the whole shop just has a dope set up. The openness of the shop, the lighting…just gives Sole Play a very friendly feel.

Sole Play Atl

What I am especially enjoying about Sole Play is the consideration they have for women in the sneaker industry. Sole Play Atl hosted an all women’s panel titled ConvHERsations. The panel was made up of 8 women, local to Atlanta that truly LOVE the sneaker and streetwear culture. It was really cool to have an open forum of WOMEN talking about what they want and need from the sneaker brands. Also there were Jordan Brand reps in attendance and I could see them taking a lot of notes. I find it interesting that Jordan Brand Women’s division was just founded in 2018 and yet there Is no Jordan Brand Womens, Twitter or Instagram account. I would love for someone to correct me if I am wrong. I would do whatever it takes to support a Women’s Brand.

ConvHERsations Panelist

An interesting point that was brought up is that, men are going to buy our sneakers, as we buy theirs. There is no cure or remedy for that. However, what we can do is…when the Jordan Brand Women’s, or any other women’s name brand collection drops, we have to do more to support it. But advertising also plays a heavy role in letting women KNOW, hey we have dope apparel come and check us out. Also having women; as models that we rock with would be an important feature too!

I still think sneaker sizing sucks for women. I am GOOD. I can rock a men’s size 8. But if a dope release only stops at a men’s size 8 this leaves so many women out.

Sole Play Atlanta Womens Panel
ME!! Sneakervision

ConvHERsations lasted maybe 2 hours. We had drinks and refreshments. Along with networking and pictures. I know Sole Play has a video and I will share that once they post or send it to us. I was able to meet women that LOVE the Sneaker Culture as much as I do…maybe even more. LOL. Sole Play Atl also added a nice touch, with the Swag Bags, which included a very cool Sole Play Atl TShirt and a Sole Play Atl Candle.

Sole Play Atl Swag Bag, Candle and Tshirt
Sole Play Swag Bag

I am very excited to be a part of the Sole Play Atl family and I am thankful they believe in women enough to move the CovHERsation forward.

Peace, Love and all I have is Sneakervision

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