SneakerVision’s | Weekend Wrap Up!

I know I have been MIA for a while on my weekend wrap up’s. My life has been super busy and I’m not necessarily complaining. But my first love is SNEAKERVISION and I need to rock with it more than I have been.

If you know me, my weekends are FULL. Family, Food and Sneakers. In that order. LOL! My cousin and I have been wanting to check out, Atlanta Breakfast Club, located near the Aquarium, Civil Rights Center. Right in the heart of Atlanta. Atlanta Breakfast Club was SOOOOO delicious. We both had the chicken and waffles, scrambled eggs to share and we split the fried green tomatoes, of course with coffee. MAN!! Everything was delicious. And the service was top notch. For me, service is 80% of the experience. We definitely can’t wait to go back. What really stood out to me, was the mural on the back wall. I used the picture as my front page to this blog post. Major Tribute to Kobe Bryant and Gigi. Major dope! Much love and Respect.

Atlanta Breakfast Club

I am also a major Ross Shopper. If I absolutely had to, I could rock all Ross Sneakers and Gear on a budget. I find the dopest Nike Finds. Actually a lot of finds, Reebok, Puma, Adidas. . This weekend, we hit Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshall’s. I really thought the most extraordinary find was the Air Max 270’s. The React Bauhaus. These sneakers retail for $150. These were sitting in Ross for $69. No box of course. Check your local Ross and let me know what you pick up. See some Ross finds below.

Weekend Finds!

Sneakers!!!!! What did you wear this weekend? I rocked my 2012 J4’s- Which are peeling and cracked. My Jordan 312’s-which are like a hybrid sneaker mixed with variations of Jordans; a cop from Ross.
Last but not least, my Purple AJ 2’s. Not a very popular Sneaker, I guess. But Major heat to me.

Weekend Rotation!!

I have a pretty busy week. I typically work from home. BUT Tuesday and Wednesday I have to go to the office. The commute isn’t fun, but at least I can wear Sneakers to the office. LOL! Also, I am on ALL women’s panel at Sole Play Atl. I am loving the whole vibe Sole Play is giving for the ladies. It’s amazing! I will definitely give you a wrap on the Sole Play Event…stay tuned.


I wish you Peace, TOOO Much Love and Nothing but Sneakervision!!

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