Sneakersvision’s Weekend Wrap Up| Bred 11’s | Good Food, Good Times

Who copped the Jordan “Bred” 11’s this weekend? I think everyone did. I started out by entering 3 raffles for the Bred’s ( 3 City Gear locations) I missed a call for one pair, I was major bummed. However, the next day, I was called by the 2nd City Gear and I WON!!! I was excited!!! I copped my last pair of Breds in 2012 and I needed a re-up! Was a necessary cop for me. Pick up time for the Sneakers was 8AM, if you were not able to pick up by 9AM, you lose your sneaker and it will go to another person. So by the time I got to the mall and got in line, I was maybe number 10, however City Gear did raffle winners first!! So I was maybe number 5, even though I was guaranteed a pair. Men’s size 8. Security was heavy…I will say 7 police officers in the mall, one officer in the store. Security guard says to me, but you already have them on…I said yes, but these are from 2012. He said, oh so you a real sneakerhead-sneakerhead. I don’t know about that, but I know what Michael Jordan accomplished in these sneakers.

Saturdaze! Bred Action.

The rest of my weekend was busy, as I like it to be. My managers took the office crew to Odyssey Escape Room. Our theme was The Titanic. Wow!!! Escape Room was TOUGH!!!! We almost didn’t get out until the LAST minute. LOL! Was so fun, so challenging…try it at least once!

Odyssey Escape Room and Campania Italian Restaurant!

We then hit a local restaurant called Campania, an Italian restaurant. Major delicious. Appetizers, red wine, pizza; food soooo good! Great company, the service was amazing, even though it was packed. I would definitely go to Campania again.

Any Dope Sneakers dropping this week/weekend? I think so…but I truly haven’t looked yet, still happy to have the Bred 11’s in my hands. They are so beautiful and I hope the patent leather holds up better than my 2012 11’s.

2012 and 2019 Jordan Bred or Playoff 11’s

Wishing you the best week to come. Peace, love and always Sneakervision!!

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