Sneakervision X Birthday Wrap Up!

I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!!! Yes, I am screaming!! I had a wonderful Birthday yesterday. I was a little worried because this was my first Birthday since losing mom. BUT I had friends and family with me DEEP! I am soooo thankful for seeing another Birthday.

Candy Cake, delicious!!!!

I started to put on heels this weekend, then I said nahhhh, let me be myself. I rocked my Bright Citron Daybreak Undercovers…nice sneaker and I always get compliments on them. They are definitely another pair of my faves. I have this sneaker in several Colorways. Nice sneaker to rock dressed up or dressed down.

Check out my pictures from my Weekend. We stayed at the Le Meridien, Perimeter, Birthday Bash at the Brass Tap. Especially check out my cake…homemade and yummy!!

Sneakervision’s Birthday Weekend

Sad part of the weekend. I wasn’t able to cop the Women’s Jordan 1s Satin Black Toes. I entered a few raffles. I didn’t win. I entered the drawing via SNKRS, I didn’t win. I caught the L. I am watching the Black Toes on StockX…we will see what happens.

Women’s Jordan 1 Satin Black Toes

Wishing you the best week to come. Peace, Love and LOTS of Sneakervision!!

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