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Sneakervision’s Weekend Wrap Up!!!

Weekend Wrap Up!!! Weekend that went too fast. Slow down…LOL! It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but I needed the break. Plus I’m working on a few more articles. I will keep you posted on that.

I absolutely had to try the Burger King Impossible burger. I am a fan of the Grindhouse Impossible Burger, and Burger King was equally as good. Grindhouse has way more options as far as toppings BUT Burger King was cool too. Oh, I got mine with cheese. Was Very delicious, I recommend.

Burger King Impossible Burger

Also over the weekend I pulled out my old school Huaraches. I really don’t even know when I got these joints, they are probably ready to fall apart. But these Huaraches are a pair of my faves. I think I used to have the women’s version, which is a lighter Colorway, of course. I think these sneakers are a must have in any sneaker collection.

Old School!

This weekend is my BIRTHDAY. I’m very excited!! Small party with a few friends. ALSO Nike is dropping the WOMEN’S Satin Black Toes. Every WOMAN, Sneakerhead I know is trying to cop. Fellas, please assist your lady or a lady you love with this cop. These drop on my BIRTHDAY. So if I don’t get I will cry. I really need!!! Gotta have, OR StockX is about to take ALLLLL my money. LOL!

Women’s Air Jordan 1 Black Toe

I’m excited about the week to come.

Wishing much love, so much peace and LOTS of Sneakervision!!!

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