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First, I want to stat by saying Happy Father’s Day! Sooooo many amazing Dad’s. MY Dad was awesome. He was my heart and soul, he basically raised me-Long Story. Anyway-One of the things he ALWAYS told me is that he had NO Regrets. That has been my personal motto-Have NO regrets in life.

My weekend rotation was SICK. I rocked my women’s Adidas Nite Joggers on Saturday. I copped these from the Adidas Store at Lenox and they would not Let me take pictures and their store was dope. That’s ok, my man Greg told me, next time, just go for it Sis! That’s what I PLAN to do. I love these ladies Nite Joggers. Very Comfy, lightweight a definite pick up for everyday wear.

Adidas Nite Jogger

I love trying new restaurants that pop up all over the city of Atlanta, it seems daily. I have been wanting to visit https://www.pancakesocial.com/ Located at Ponce City Market which is a staple, MUST visit in Atlanta. At Pancake Social, I got the Pancakes, Scrambled Eggs with American Cheese and My cousin and I split the Fried Chicken (Fried Chicken was $6 for one Breast) a little expensive if you ask me. It was an OK breakfast spot, BUT a little pricey. See my breakfast pics below.

Pancake Social located at Ponce City Market

So, I know these Nike Daybeak Sneakers didn’t sell out, but they are the comfiest, dopest, rock with anything sneaker. Daybreak is a Japanese brand. The Branding is featured on the tongue and heel tab. This is just a FUN Sneaker. Super glad I added to my collection.

My weekend was amazing. I hope yours was too! I’m doing something even crazier, tomorrow I am resigning from my job. Effective 6/27/2019. WOW!! The freedom. I plan to travel, write a lot of content for Sneakervision AND WNBAKICKS. I am looking forward to KENYA/SNEAKERVISION time. Stay tuned!!

Peace, Love and so much Sneakervision!

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