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If  you remember a while back, I interviewed a dope young lady, that hails from Philly. Bria Mallory , Owner and creator of, a signature brand with a distinctive style. See previous blog post here. HNCOK X Sneakervision.

I was so geeked to get my hands on HNCOK’s signature Sneakers, which I LOVE. And if you read my blog post linked above you will see that I got a few questions answered by Bria herself. I also added Socks and One of her HNCOK tee’s to my collection. Everything her brand pushes is luxury and high quality.

One of the things Bria and I talked about previously was who or what motivates her. Well that person was Nipsey Hussle. Of course, we lost Nipsey, March 31, 2019, He was gunned down in his home town of Los Angeles. The world lost a major LIGHT and source of knowledge. Bria was the first person that crossed my mind. I wondered how this would affect her. She seemed quiet to me at first, but then I saw THE DOPEST bag pop up on her  instagram page. And I said, ahhhh Bria is STILL on this MARATHON.

Check out what we talked about in our latest chat:

SV-I know that you have suffered some personal losses, as well as losing a person you greatly looked up to Nipsey Hussle…has losing a mentor inspired you even more? Does this inspire your MARATHON even more?

Bria- Honestly, after the passing of Nipsey I’ve been feeling a lot more inspired. His death made me realize that life is extremely too short and to take your craft to the next level…. NEVER STOP. 

SV-It seems like right after we lost Nipsey, you seemed to get even more focused. Now you have a super dope bag, designed by YOU and this bag flew off your website. Tell me a little about your bag? I think I even saw a sneak peek of where your shoes will come in another color?

Bria-Yes, HNCOK has a new bag which is called our Handled Carrier. Each bag is handmade from India, which means they are all distinct in their own way. Also, yes I am working on another color for the sneakers Im currently in the process of  perfecting them. I’ll definitely keep you updated with new items that drop. 

SV-Thank you for taking the time to talk to Sneakervision.

Bria-Thank you so much !!

See below for pictures of my new DOPE bag from HNCOK. I personally copped the HNCOK bag which retailed for $140.00. I currently carry a Marc Jacobs bag to work, but my new HNCOK bag is going to replace it. Perfect for my laptop or for hopping on a plane. You can take this bag anywhere, dress it up or down. The Certificate of Authenticity and the dust bag,  really gives the bag a special touch. Nice detailing on the sides. Bria really did a nice job with her bag.

I’m so excited for Bria and HNCOK-making major dope moves. Keep going!

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!

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