Sarah Thomas to make NFL Herstory (History)

I won’t pretend I know anything about Football, because I don’t truly watch the game. I will follow Football if it has to do with the Atlanta Falcons. LOL!! I heard about about Sarah Thomas, an American football official; who also happens to be female, was making waves and breaking records by officiating College Games, Bowls and becoming an NFL Official in 2015. This weekend Sarah will make HERSTORY by  becoming the first woman to officiate an NFL Playoff game. On Sunday, Sarah will be a part of the officiating crew between the Los Angeles Chargers and the New England Patriots. I am sure she will do a fabulous job. Women always do.

I am rooting for Sarah and I salute her, for making HERSTORY. Apparently, this was her dream and she’s living it outloud. Today, we Salute Sarah Thomas, as being a first in NFL history to be a part of an officiating crew , HERSTORY.

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!!

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