Sneakervision’s Weekend Wrap Up, Kinda

I didn’t venture very far from home this weekend. I wanted to hang out with my mom and take care of her this weekend. I’ll explain some things to you…keep reading.

Who picked up the Jordan 19’s that dropped this weekend? They weren’t a sell out, there are still sizes Available on the Nike SNKRS app. My Jordan collection ranges from a 1 to a 13…anything beyond a 13 I’m not too crazy about. I have 2 pairs of 14’s.

I was reflecting on my weekend, I thought about my mom. My mom has been my rock, my advice giver, my road partner, all of that. So when we found she had stomach cancer at the end of 2017, I was totally devastated but I knew we could make it through. My mom is a woman who never had a drink of alcohol, never smoked, basically a vegetarian, never missed a Doctors Appointment, and she went to the gym with ME!!! And my mother isn’t young. This past weekend, I had to enroll my mother in hospice care. Chemo can no longer help her. And she has said to me, I’m not going to worry about this. I told her ok Mama, I will give you the best care I possibly can as long as I have you. This conversation, for me; relayed back to sneakers. A few years back, mom and I took a trip to Destin, Florida, for fun in the sun, eating and shopping. I copped a CRAZY pair of Nike Women’s Internationalist, from the Nike Outlet. Every time I wore these Sneakers, my feet would hurt, uncomfortable feeling. Like the feeeling I have now, knowing there is nothing I can do for Mom ( all of my friends call her Mom). But the Colorway Of the Sneakers are bright and fun, like all the fun my mother and I have had, traveling, vacationing, just being a family. ( I don’t know what year I copped the sneakers. Pictures of mom are from early 2017, before we found out about her diagnosis).


Whatever you want to do, do it TODAY. Time will pass so fast. You will wonder where time went. I can truly say, me and mom have rocked out, and always been the best of friends. I will cherish her until I take my last breath. I love you MOM! You are my HEART.

This post is dedicated to my Dear Mother. Peace, all of my love and Sneakervision!!!

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