Women, Sneakers, Singles Day And Fire Red IV’s 11:11

If you remember, a few weeks back, I was invited to attend a Jordanbrand Meeting, strictly for the ladies. We talked Sneakers, Saw Samples…and of course I talked about how disappointed I was that I was unable to cop the Satin Shattered Backboards. Which were supposed to be for the ladies. I also voiced my nervousness about being afraid I would not be about to cop the Fire Red Ladies IV’s.  I saw so many men saying they wanted the Fire Red IV’s, which are now sitting. For me, that doesn’t determine my love for a Sneaker. The Fire Red IV’s were just Dope to me. The Gum Bottoms, the fact they were created for women, the paint that will fade on the toe box. I was all in and I was able to cop, with no problem.

I’m sitting on the sofa, to the left, holding a coffee cup, in all black.


One of the women in the group, said, “yes, the Sneakers Are Dope, But why do they always have to  Release a Women’s Sneaker on 11:11, which is Singles Day?” So one of the women, moderators, from Jordan Brand, explained to the group, that 11:11, Singles Day, is a BIG Deal in Chinese Culture. It’s a celebration! A few things about Singles Day, many Singles Get Married on Singles Day, in Chinese Culture. Also, Singles Day is also one Of China’s biggest Shopping Days of the year. Something like USA Black Friday. This is a Day To go out Partying, Eating and Shopping, this is not a sad day. Singles Day is a BIG Deal. It’s a Party!

After I understood what Singles Day was about, I said, well then , “Nike Should tell us that in a story.” Apparently just as many women didn’t understand like I didn’t.

Stories connect us. Stories are what makes us whole. I hope my story enlightened you a little about Singles Day and Releasing Dope Sneakers ON Singles Day, ESPECIALLY for the Ladies!

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!

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