Sneakervision’s Weekend Wrap Up X Widows X Visiting Hibbetts

I haven’t set an alarm clock since last Tuesday, uughhh and I don’t want to set one for tomorrow; but the weekend has come to an end. I hope your weekend was amazing. I hope you enjoyed time with your family, tons of good food and sneakers over the weekend. I did…I never want my weekends to end.

If you haven’t seen the movie Widows, GO SEE IT! It’s a must see. Liam Neeson, Viola Davis, Bryan Tyree Henry, Michelle Rodriquez, everyone plays a cool part in this movie. Also, get ready for a CRAZY plot twist. Bananas! Things aren’t always as they appear. I give Widows an A+. I would love to go and see it again.

Movie Tavern Snack… cheese Sticks and Blue Margarita.

I know I normally change sneakers a few times on the weekends, not this weekend. This weekend, I wore my Retro Black Cement Three’s. Remember how excited everyone was for the Black Cements to retro? I was in Walmart today and a dude says ma’am, did you recently get those sneakers? I said no, these dropped a while back and they are sold out now. He said ok, thank you. It’s always kinda dope when a guy stops you and ask about your sneakers.

Today, I was out and about, I decided to visit Hibbetts, Athletic Store. I was really wanting to cop the Nike JDI Sweatshirt (in all colors).  But the young lady working there said they didn’t get the JDI Graphic Sweatshirt. See the link to Lord and Taylor if you plan to cop. JDI Lord And Taylor.

If this Sweatshirt is on the Nike website, please let me know.  I would rather cop  from Nike.


Check out some of the sneakers I saw today. The Women’s Olive Lux 11’s were super lightweight and kinda pretty. The Fire Red J12’s , felt good…but I wasn’t moved enough to cop anything today. It was nice to see the 312’s in the flesh and also the Lebron’s. I cop Sneakers 100% online. So it was dope just to browse around the store and see what they have.

Back to work tomorrow!! I would rather be blogging all day about sneakers, or something sneaker related, solving a sneaker problem. LOL!! I Don’t know.

As always, Wishing you the BEST week to come. Peace, Love and Sneakervision!

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