Serena Williams Graces the Cover of GQ, Good Controversy

You are from Compton, Your sister is murdered, you wear beads in your hair, You Twerk in Beyonce’s video, You almost died giving Birth,  your BEST friends support you when you play Wimbledon, Your Life saving CatSuit/Compression Suit is too tight, you are singled out and tested for using steroids, You are built like a man, You argue with the Umpire and NOW drumroll…You are picked to be GQ’s  “Women” of the year-Dope honor right? For Serena Williams, That was controversial too. If you haven’t seen the cover, Where Man is, is crossed out Virgil Abloh put his famous handwriting “Woman” of the Year. Virgil Abloh is extra, that’s what sells.


Why couldn’t Serena just get her shine on. Why Dampen her light?

What this brings to mind, is Bill Laimbeer. When he was with the Old Old Detroit Pistons. When Bill Fought or spoke up for himself, that’s not controversial, that’s just playing a game. Isaiah Thomas is quoted as saying, “he makes you mad…He makes you mad, because he is just that good.”  Or what about John McEnroe, if you google him, he is considered one the the MOST COLORFUL players in the history of tennis. Never Controversial.

But back to Serena being selected As Woman of the year, at GQ. The layout on GQ’s cover , was a call made by Virgil Abloh and there was NO hidden message behind that. Virgil has designed Sneakers for Serena, he also designed her Tutu’s she wore to the French Open. He simply put Woman in Parenthesis to X out MAN and let everyone KNOW a WOMAN, the Great, the Woman, The Mom, the Athlete, Serena Williams,  was picked as GQ’s Woman of the year. Nothing more, nothing less. Please let Serena be the Greatest Athlete of all time. She has earned it. I consider “Women” to be GOOD Controversy.


Peace, Love and Sneakervision!

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