5 Reasons Lebron James should not Shut Up and Dribble X Sneakervision

NBA players have long been out spoken about politics. As of late, politics has REALLY been in the forefront of sports. Colin Kaepernick, who was an NFL player, for the San Francisco 49ers,  really started the movement by taking the knee during the National Anthem. Since then, fans and celebrities have supported Colin in his fight to end social injustice, specifically; police brutality against black people. Many African Americans have been vocal when it comes to Donald Trump and his racists outburts. On 02/16/2018, during the NBA playoff, Fox News Journalist Laura Ingraham, stated that Lebron James, one of the most decorated NBA Players, should “Shut up and Dribble”.  And that she doesn’t “need political advice from a person who makes $100 Million dollars a year to bounce a basketball.” She sounds like a complete dictator. A man can have his opinion about politics AND play sports. It’s doeable.

So, let me give you the reasons, why Lebron James should NOT shut up and Dribble.

  1.  Lebron James is a valueable HUMAN BEING in the BLACK Community
  2. Lebron James will now have a docuseries by the name, Shut up and Dribble, which will showcase changing the role of other athletes in today’s highly politicized environment.
  3. Lebron James, just used his own money to open I Promise school for kids, who grew up like him,  in Akron, Ohio
  4. Lebron James, has a family that he loves.
  5. Lebron James is an Amazing NBA player and he has used his platform to use his voice for the BLACK Community.

So let them tell you to SHUT UP and DRIBBLE, use those same petty bricks  they are throwing at you and build you an empire. I salute you Mr. James. Please never shut up and Dribble.

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!

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