SneakerVision’s Weekend Wrap Up X National Bowling Day X Fun

Weekend is gone!! But it was fun. I look forward to my weekends. It’s like a mini get away. Did you cop anything over the weekend.  A lot of Don. C’s dropped and the Kyrie Cereal Pack. I know the Cereal Pack Sold out. I am Pretty sure the Don C. Legacy 312 in all the colorways sold out.

Did you celebrate National Bowling Day? We did. It was so much fun. We played a total of 3 games at Bowlmor Lanes. This used to be a bowling alley called 300 back in the day. Same place, but no celebrities walking around. I had such a fun time. Oh, I won 2 out of the 3 games!! LOL. So that was pretty cool. My Watermelon Margarita was delicious too.

We left Bowlmor and went to Carrabbas. My friend had doubts about Carrabbas. He ended up enjoying the food. I always have the chicken marsala. The chicken marsala never disappoints. I ended the night with a Delicious Sangria from  Carrabbas.




Last but not least, Sunday I hung out with my mom. We have a favorite breakfast place in Kirkwood, called Le Petit Marche. Which means, The Little Market. The service is a amazing, they make everyone feel like family and the food is always on point.  We had the Grits Stack, with Grits, Eggs, Cheese and Vegetarian Sausage. And a pancake. The portions are huge, so mom and I Can share the food. I rocked my Jordan 2, Iron Purple with pink socks. Crazy colorway.

My Birthday is Friday 8/17  and I am super excited and thankful to see another birthday. I also have my very first in person interview dropping on Wednesday. Stay tuned.

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Wishing you the BEST week ever.

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!!


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