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What’s Up Sneakerlover’s! My next blog post really made me smile. Happy to share with you, Demi Douglas. Yes her dad is  retired NBA Player, Sherman Douglas. Her mom is one of the coolest ladies I know and a  MAJOR Lebron James Fan, but I wanted to talk to Demi about Sneakers, Her first pair of Sneakers and what advice she would give to young ladies following in her footsteps now the Digital age. Keep reading below:
“My name is Demi Douglas. I call ATL home, but I currently live (and thrive) in NYC. I’ve lived here for two years (exactly two years tomorrow!!! crazy how time flies), and I work in the media/entertainment industry.
I graduated from Syracuse! To be completely honest, I wouldn’t label myself as a ‘sneaker head,’ I just really love clothes and fashion.”
When did you first get into Sneakers? Can you remember your first pair?  What were they?
“I like to think that sneakers and I have always had a love and hate relationship. I can’t remember my first pair of sneakers, but I’m almost certain that they were either Nike or Jordan. When I was little, my dad gave me a bunch of sneakers that he would get on the road. But, I remember starting to hate sneakers in kindergarten, because I thought they were only for boys – I literally went through a phase when I only wore skirts and dresses. For the majority of middle and high school, I wasn’t big on sneakers, mostly because I wore a uniform. I got into sneakers once I got to college. College is naturally a relaxed environment with an ungodly amount of walking, and Syracuse is snowy as hell, so I needed footwear that was practical (my senior year in college, I wore high top AF1’s as snow boots, LOL). Once I got to NYC, it became a part of my everyday uniform – thankfully the industry I work in allows that.” Gotcha!
If you had to pick a favorite pair of Sneakers, which ones are you rocking with?
“A favorite?!! Ugh, this is hard. As basic as this sounds, I think the 1’s are the most versatile sneaker. They can be dressed up or down, which is perfect for me because I don’t always wear sneakers in the most traditional sense. But, if I had to pick one single pair – it’d probably be the True Blues (Released June 4, 2011). I literally remember wanting them so badly, but I couldn’t get them because I had to take the SAT that morning. My dad surprised me in ATL and brought them for me. That’s what’s so great about sneakers, they can take you back to a very specific moment, a memory, or feeling. Aside from the sentimental value, these sparked my ‘sneaker obsession.’ I still have them, they’re so cooked! but, I hated the 2016 release with the Nike logo, so I didn’t cop again.”  MAN!! Nice. I love that story. Even Doper that you STILL have those Sneakers. And you noticed the back tab detail!
How many Sneakers do you have in your sneaker collection? Are you Rockin only Nike, or are you versatile with your Sneakers?  (what brands)
“I don’t know, but not that many! This is why I don’t consider myself a traditional ‘sneaker head’ in the sense that, I have WAY more pair of heels than I do sneakers, and I fell in love with sneakers because of my lifestyle – being on the go. I have never waited in line, camped out, or paid more than retail for any pair of sneakers. I rarely ever luck up online. Which honestly is a blessing, because I know I’d be if I was willing to do the most for shoes. But I’m not, I recycle my rotation very well 🙂
I certainly switch up brands and styles often. Y3’s, Adidas, Nike, Jordans, New Balance, and Reeboks! ”  LOL nice. Yes, Sneaker collecting is an expensive habit, sometimes I have to tell myself to slow down.
You and I BOTH wanted the Shattered Satin Backboards. Why did you want that pair? What stood out the most about those Sneakers?
“Well they’re 1’s, and they’re beautiful. I’ve been having this obsession with the color orange lately, but I don’t have any sneakers that are orange. I thought they’d be perfect for summer and fall. I missed out on the Satin Royal 1’s that I realllly wanted in 2017, but I didn’t luck out then either. I love that Jordan is doing exclusive drops for women now, so I wanted to support. Glad that brands are finally recognizing that women are an important market in the sneaker industry. Sneakers out sold heels in 2017, and as the world continues to get more casual, I’m sure that trend will continue. 
Fingers crossed for the both of us next time… ” Yes, LOL, Fingers crossed. I am hoping Nike Does more Drops for the ladies in the future.
The play offs are here. I KNOW your mom is a Serious Lebron James Fan!! But who you got in the playoffs? LOL.   “ugh, I’m super salty because I am a die-hard Celtics fan… but now, I’m going to LBJ. Next year I NEED to see different teams in the playoffs.” Agreed, this Play Off Season got kind of boring.
You have an awesome career supportive parents, you made all the RIGHT moves; with everything being so technology focused, what advice would you give to young ladies that want to follow in your footsteps?“That’s so kind of you to say! I def. don’t think I made the all the right moves, and I’m still learning. I find myself freaking out every time I’m at the grocery store, thinking about missing home, or overwhelmed with the big city. But, I’d tell everyone to work with an end goal in mind, even if you think you don’t know what that is. For me, I’m still trying to figure out “what I want to be when I grow up” but I’m taking strides toward it. I always knew I wanted to move to NYC, did that. I spend 99.9% of my time on my phone (which is so gross!!!!) and I’m a kid of the digital era, so I knew I should take a pursue a career in digital, and here I am! As to what’s next or what the future holds, stay tuned! xx”  Thank you Demi. I am wishing you all the BEST for your career.

I hope you all enjoyed hearing from Demi. She is one of the sweetest young ladies I have ever met.
Thank you for Rockin with Sneakervision.
We will see what is up for Next weeks Sneakervision interview.
Peace, Love and Sneakervision!
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