Off White Hype. Virgil Abloh…

When anything Off White Drops, Sneakerheads go crazy! What is it about Off White and Virgil Abloh, the creative Genius, that Makes Off White a MUST Have? First, What I admire the MOST about Virgil is that he has been a Michael Jordan fan since he was a kid. Virgil and his friends have been sending Nike Designs since the 90’s. What I also like, is how Virgil and his design team, can deconstruct a sneaker and make it look so dope. Thankfully, Off White designs are affordable. If you want something Off White, you have to be ready to cop and that resell price is no joke. In 2017 Virgil designed a 10 Sneaker Collection For Nike,  of Off Whites ranging from Air Max to Jordan 1’s. I tried to cop a pair, but no such luck. When I asked a reseller, he wanted $1800 for a Pair of Off White 1’s.  The Off White Jordan 1’s retail for $190.00.

Nike recently dropped a surprise release of the Off White UNC Jordan 1’s on May 23, 2018. I was unable to get a pair. However, I hear that (it isn’t on Nike SNKRS app yet)  that Nike is doing a general release on 06/19/2018, so this coming Tuesday.  Everyone I know that cops the Off White’s feel like they own a piece of history. On a Side note, I would love to hear what the Goat, Michael Jordan, thinks about the Off Whites?

What is your take on the deconstructed, then reconstructed Sneaker, by Virgil Abloh? Is this a sneaker a must have or must add to your collection?

Good Luck on copping a major piece of Art Work. I hope we ALL get them.

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!


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