Nike Air Max 97 LX Swarovski Crystals, for the GIRLS only!

Major release ladies. Nike is releasing a dope pair of Nike Air Max 97 with Swarovski Crystals on them. Guess what? They are for Ladies ONLY. This time we don’t have to share, or swiggle our feet in mens shoes. These Air Max are specifically for US. This Luxury pair of Air Max Will cost you $400. Is this a Sneaker you would wear everyday Ladies? I would be afraid  one my my Swarovski Crystals would fall off. Will Nike replace the Crystals if that happens? Either way,  I think this Air Max for the ladies is VERY DOPE! Thank you Nike. Get your Nike App ready ladies, the Air Max 97 LX are dropping on 9/21 at 10Am. Good Luck!

Pictures belong to Nike.

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