Are you Undefeated? Nike

Nike has been on a major role this year with some hot drops and retro’s. Especially with the Air Max.  Air Max have been a on a major come up this year. On 09/21 not only will we have the Air Max 97 Swarovski for the ladies only dropping; we have the Air Max 97  Undefeated dropping. The reason for the drop, is because the LA Sneaker Boutique Undefeated is celebrating 15 years of being a cultural influence. Check out Undefeated here.  We do it for the culture.

Who’s copping the Undefeated Air Max 97? These WILL sell out I promise. The Air Max 97 Undefeated will drop on 09/21 at 10AM. They are not as expensive at the Swarovski’s, the Undefeated Air Max 97 will cost you $180. Not bad for an exclusive Sneaker.

Good Luck to my SneakerLovers! Post below of what you copped.

Pics on this page belong to Nike.

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