Sneakervision’s Weekend Wrap Up…

I didn’t have too crazy of a weekend. BUT it’s always a dope weekend when you can relax, do nothing, eat delicious food and rock super dope, most coveted Sneakers.

My Sneakers of choice for Friday were THE MOST COVETED Women’s Jordan 1, Satin Shattered Backboard. I was almost afraid to get these dirty. I love these Sneakers, complete beauties. I’m typically like whatever, I can clean my sneakers. But not my J1 SSB’s. I love these Sneakers. Definitely Holy Grails.

Satin Shattered BackBoard

Saturday, we hit one of my Favorite Breakfast Spots in the A, Le Petite Marche…We both got the grits stack, yummy goodness, sausage, cheese and eggs…all mixed in with creamy grits. It’s just major comfort food. If you ever visit Atlanta/Kirkwood, I highly recommend. Oh and we split a side of home fried potatoes.

Le Petite Marche

I think the Air Max 200‘S are so dope and the dope Colorways have been amazing, I copped my first pair. They have a Jean Looking Colorway…with lots of color that make them pop. The 200’s are definitely a sneaker that is fun and a sneaker you can rock everyday. The colorways are endless.

AirMax 200

Next week, this week…what’s new for you? What are you going to do different? I have a few things I am looking forward too…let me give you a clue…

Closet…a mess. Sneaker closet 10/11/2019

Wishing you MUCH Love, so much Peace and I hope all you have is Sneakervision!

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