Sneakervision’s Weekend Wrap Up, Sneakers, Night School, Part 1 (Long Fun Weekend)

Sneaker Lover’s!! What did you cop over the weekend? The Jordan 5 Wings dropped on Saturday. If you aren’t familiar with the Wings Program-Jordan Brand has an Outreach Program that supports education, through scholarships, and the recipient of the educational scholarship, does not have to be affiliated with Basketball. Dope Sneakers, Dope Cause. Also the Nike Element React 55 dropped on Saturday. They still have some left on Nike if you want to cop. See Pictures below.


Saturday night, date night-We saw Night School, with Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish. I know this movie was trending on social media, being a #1 Box office hit. But for me, on a scale of A B C. I am giving this movie a C. It wasn’t hahahahahhahaha funny to me. It did have some funny parts and was a pretty good movie. My significant other gave this movie an A-, he is a Kevin Hart fan. I am Happy for Tiffany and Kevin, young comedians making it work.


Sunday I hung out with my cousin. We are more than cousins we are like sisters (our moms are sisters). She and I have been tight since…I don’t know. Tight since toddlers. I had a very special interview at HeetAtl over the weekend. I will release that video this week.  Since were were in Little 5 Points; a very trendy Place in Atlanta, We had lunch at Hattie B’s Hot Chicken. If you haven’t been, GO!! Delicious. The line was long, but so worth it. I had the Hot Chicken Tenders, fries and Pimento Mac and Cheese. Cousin had the chicken and waffles with Cole Slaw. You gotta hit up Hattie B’s if you are in Atlanta.

All weekend I rocked the Same sneakers. I wore my  White Jordan 6, Infrared’s. I Undeadstocked those babies. 6’s are super comfy.

Buy Now Jordan 6 Infrared

I love my life, I love my support system, I love having my own platform to blog about Sneakers and Life.

Stay tuned for more to come.

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!


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